Arlo 3 Camera System

Arlo Camera help users to Keep in mind what matters most! The Arlo 3 Camera System is a 100 Percent Wireless-Free, HD Smart Security Camera System as well as you can get the shot you desire or need both indoor or outdoor. The camera is weatherproof and also includes motion or sound detection, night vision modes, and applications. It can capture entire clips and send you information alerts whether you are at home or away from the location.  100% wireless-free cameras with patents anywhere in any location with a 110-degree area for easy design. The camera with night vision mode and also works to make a clear picture in dark mode.

If you have any difficulty with Arlo 3 camera, then you can dial our toll-free number Arlo support number for assistance, our support team helps you in resolving your problem within a few minutes.

Arlo cameras include motion or voice activation to allow users to send a real-time email or alert notifications. Live streaming video records and alerts only when motion or sound is detected, so no battery power is wasted while working. All cameras are weather-resistant, so you can use indoor as well as outdoor. And the main thing is that the operating temperature of the camera includes 14 ° to 122 ° F (-10 ° C to 50 ° C). Installing the Arlo application to securely watch live streaming video at home or away from home. Arlo Smart features add powerful intelligence to your Arlo cameras – customize alerts and notifications to locate people, specific areas, and emergency responders from your smartphone’s lock screen (optional service, including a 1-month trial) Contact.

Other services:

The Arlo Smart Home Security System adds intelligence to your cameras to give you a more efficient, effective personalized home security experience according to your needs and desire.

  1. Person Detection- Filter notifications so you only get the notification alerts you really want to see the most.
  2. Emergency Call Service- Quickly reach emergency responders closest to your home, directly from the Arlo application.
  3. Rich and Alerts Notifications- Push notifications now come with snapshots so you can immediately see what’s happening from your lock screen.
  4. Camera Reduces false notifications- Camera Reduces false notification Alerts by creating activity zones for your Arlo Camera System and get alerted when motion or sound is detected in these defined zones as well.

Some Main  Features for Arlo 3 Camera System

  1. Camera having 100% Wireless-Free network – Free of power cords Extention.
  2. HD Video quality  – Enjoy the sharp video quality, Detailed Video
  3. Rechargeable or  Long lasting batteries.
  4. Quick Charging – Get fast battery charging.
  5. 2-way Audio conservation  – Listen in or talk back.
  6.  The camera also providing Smart Siren with 100+ decibel siren.
  7. Wide-Angle – 115-degree angle lens for the field of view.
  8. Live video  Streaming – Watch the live or recorded video.
  9. Night Vision Mode  – See even in the dark mode also.
  10. Local Backup – Use USB storage for backup of the videos.
  11. Smart Home features  – Works with IFTTT, SmartThings, google assistant, etc.
    • 100% Wireless-Free Network
      Stay completely free of cords Extention and wiring hassles with Arlo Pro Wire-Free HD Security Cameras.
    • Live View Video Streaming
      View live and record videos any time of the day from anywhere you want to desire or need.
    • Weatherproof
      Arlo  Wireless-free HD Security Cameras are IP65-certified weatherproof and not afraid to brave the snow, rain, or heat.


  • Free Cloud Storage


Just you have to Keep rolling 7 days of motion or sound-triggered recordings for FREE

  • Rechargeable
    Long-lasting rechargeable batteries take the costs out of uninterrupted security.
  • Smart Siren feature
    Stop crime before it happens with 100+ decibel siren that can be controlled remotely, or when motion or sound is detected.
  • 2-Way Audio conversation

Arlo camera having two-way audio conversation features in and talk back through the built-in speaker and mic straight from your smartphone devices.

  • Local Storage
    Arlo camera has to Secure your all recordings with a USB drive or local backup storage option functionality

Products available in buying kit

  • Camera power cable
  • 3 rechargeable batteries
  • 3 wire-free HD cameras with audio
  • 2 window decals
  • Camera power adapter
  • Ethernet cable
  • Quick start guide
  • 3 Wall mounts
  • Quick start guide
  • Base station with a built-in siren
  • 2 Wall mount screw set
  • Quick start guide


  • The camera configured up to 1200 X 720. And also video resolution of the camera is quite better than the other cameras.
  • Video formate is best in watching.
  •  Notification light is available to notify the best credential information related to users.
  • Motion detection specification or alerts notification
  • Speakers and microphones are available on the camera.
  • Digitally zoom system to zoom the appropriate activities.
  • Battery capability is much higher compared to other cameras.
  • 2440 MAH battery.
  • Battery level indicate is to alerts at the time of low battery.
  • Power adapter cable for USB connection through base station.
  • The camera field of view is much higher than other cameras.
  •  focus range of the camera is up to 2 ft to infinity.
  •  operating temperature is up to -20 to 45 C.
  • The best specifications on the camera is water resistance.
  • Activities zones are available in the camera for better results.
  • The camera frequency level is up to 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz.
  • Wifi speed is up to level  600 Mbps.
  • Wireless range up to 300 feet from the bottom.


The Arlo camera adds more intelligence to your Arlo cameras to give you more protection and personal home security experience.

person detection- In this filter notification, you can get alerts to see them.

e911 emergency call service- You can quickly reach emergency responders closet to your home, with help of arlo app

rich notification- In this notification, you can immediately see snapshots with help of this notification

cloud activity zones- You get alerted when motion is detected in these defined zones

Tips for Users

Set up in your office:
  •  Arlo 3 camera system is wireless free and working with battery power.  When Arlo 3 camera is on detects motion then it uses wifi station to the Arlo base station.
  • The best part of the camera is all streaming video is saved in your Arlo account.
  • Arlo 3 camera is connected with your base station. Then stream your video in any place.
  • After connecting your base station to your router using a network cable.
  • Connect your base station to the AC adaptor. Then plugging your Ac adaptor to the electrical outlet.
  • If your base station having an on-off button, Then press the button according to your uses.
  • If your base station is on set up mode then the power and internet LED lights green.
Some base stations LED:
  • Power button LED lights green, then the base station is power on.
  • The base station is connected to the internet then LED light green.
  • Also, the LED lights green when connected to the camera.
  • If base station blinking green then the firmware update in the processing mode.
  • Base station sending data to the internet then bling LED lights green.
  • LED light blinking green when the base station is sync with the camera.
  • When LED light blinking amber, Then the base station is on booting mode.
  • Some times blinking amber, when base station connected to the router but not connected to the internet.
  • Also blinking amber at that time when the camera is too far from the base station. connectivity level is also week at that time.
  • Base station power off mode in your Arlo 3 camera system.
  • Turn on the motion detection mode to test the camera specialization.
Processing to update  the firmware updates:
  • After the sync, the camera with the base station, then the updates of firmware starts processing mode.
  • At the time of the firmware update, the LED on the camera is blinking blue and amber alternatively.
  • At the time of firmware update, if led lights off for 1 to 2 minutes then the camera installed the firmware.
  • After the process of the firmware camera update, then the camera automatically syncs with the base station.
Location or place to mount your camera for the Best Result:
  • If we talking about the place to mount the camera on the flat surface.
  • Otherwise, mount on the wall. Using the Arlo app to the position of the camera.
  • Choose your best location to free from other device connectivity.
  • Mount the camera to the wall with the help of a screw.
  • Choosing the good spot of your camera. Placed the camera in a clear location and best wifi connection to the base station.
  • At the time of mounting the camera on the wall, one thing remembers in your mind that the distance is must from the other devices.
  • Mount the camera according to the signal strength.
  • Place the camera of a minimum of 90 meters from the base station.
Position of the camera is effects to reduce the field of view in the camera:
  • The  Arlo 3 camera system is the 110-degree field of view in the position of the camera.
  • The camera has a green portion area to show the field of view.
  • You can mount the camera in the active location where their daily activities performed.
  • The camera has to keep the space the location where active activities performed.
  • Mount your camera 7 foot above the floor.and camera aims it slightly downward to the earth for the best sensor.
  • Camera field of view much higher when side by side traffic crosses the camera.
  • All movement towards or away from the Arlo a camera.
  • Motion detection is best when the camera position is up to 5 to 20 feet

This Arlo 3  camera system is the best camera to view the is being simple and cheap for the users. This camera is to view the restricted area where people are strangers in the location. The camera is affordable for the users because they want the best security for the location. They also giving you the best services for the camera issue. Experts are giving you the best advice to sort your camera-related problem. There is a helpline for Arlo camera users to sort the issue with the help of Arlo camera experts. More information related to the camera visits the site to know better knowledge