Arlo Pro Security Camera

Nowadays crimes are taking place every second. That’s why it is very important to have a security camera set up in the offices or home. Having a camera assures you with complete security. And We have the best wireless Arlo Pro Security Camera, this camera will give you a complete security solution for both indoor and outdoor. no one can be in two places at once, but the Arlo Pro Security Camera has extra features to keep your family and offices safe and protect from outsiders , Arlo pro is a high-quality latest version of Arlo, It gives the high performance with wi-fi and  2-way audio, 100+ decibel siren,130 degrees wide angle, motion detection rechargeable batteries etc.

Features of  Arlo Pro Security Camera

  • This is run on same wifi signals as Arlo
  • Two-way audio is enabled with microphone and speaker, it’s allowing you for communicating with the guests outside.
  • Arlo pro base station is updated with improved functionality
  • You can use dual PIR device to detect the motion
  • It has zoom features
  • Its base station unit is easy to setup
  • The Arlo Pro Security Camera base equipped with a 100-DB siren that is triggered by any sound or motion detect.
  • It’s available on IOS Android.
  • You can see more than one camera on the same screen in the app
  • You can do full-screen mode
  • It has free cloud storage of 7 days for 5 cameras, they also upgradable packages available with a nominal fee.
  • Arlo pro has a pause feature
  • Its batteries are rechargeable and you can be charged it by using micro USB wire through the nearby outlet.
  • Arlo pro runs on 2.4Gz and 5GHz wi-fi signals
  • The camera resolution is 720 p
  • Its base unit is easily configurable
  • You watch the multiple cameras on the same screen at once
  • It’s very lightweight, and this makes it very highly portable
  • This is hassle-free
  • It can install very easy
  • Arlo pro design is eye-catchy and functional
  • This gives users the best surveillance
  • The operating temperature it will work in temperatures up to 112 degrees
  • You can attach an optional solar panel to power the camera

Frequently Asked Question

How to do Arlo pro setup
  • Connect the ethernet cable and connect your base station to the wifi router
  • Then login into Arlo account
  • Now sync camera into the base station
  • Put your camera on the wall
  • Make sure that you place your camera maximum 300 feet and minimum at least 20-feet from the base station
  • Put the mount Arlo camera in the position mode
  • It takes a few minutes because Arlo firmware updates consuming the time
Why is my Arlo pro camera not connecting

You need to follow these steps:

  • If you are using Arlo base station then press the sync button
  • You can notice the camera LED behavior to open and close the battery door. If led blinks blue rapidly you are synced to a base station
  • You need to check camera connectivity
  • You should check the distance between Arlo Pro Security Camera and the base station the distance maximum 300 feet from the base station
  • Check Arlo base station status If the base station is solid green, the base station is connected to the internet
  • You need to check your camera is synced to the base station if the most recent video for that camera was
  • recorded a long time ago, the camera might not be synced into the base station
How to Arlo pro firmware update
  • The firmware updates are come automatically to connected with all Arlo devices
  • Go to the Arlo app and log in to Arlo account
  • Then click on settings
  • And go to my devices and select your Arlo pro base station
  • Click on device info
  • Then click firmware and click on update options
  • And wait for the Arlo pro firmware update to complete
What the safety required for Arlo charging station
  • Arlo pro charging station is sold separately. You use the charging station to charge one or two Arlo pro rechargeable batteries
  • You can follow the instructions that are included in the Arlo pro
  • You can change your Arlo pro only rechargeable batteries with coming in Arlo pro charging station
  • Should use the charger in dry locations
  • Don’t operate the charging station when its cord is damaged
  • Don’t disassemble, modify, and use the  charging station as a power source

Arlo pro Issues solved by our Arlo support

  • The camera keeps going offline
  • Getting error “your device is not connected. Arlo wire-free camera
  • The Arlo base station does not connect with the internet
  • The Internet is there but Arlo won’t connect to the internet
  • the Arlo camera keeps dropping the connection to the network
  • Arlo is offline since when the firmware is  released
  • Manual error with Arlo firmware update
  • Arlo camera reactive and deactive
  • The Arlo battery life less
  • can’t connect amazon device

Why should you contact our Arlo support team

  • we provide Arlo support service  24*7
  • our Arlo support team listen to all queries carefully
  • we provide phone service to contact our Arlo support team
  • our Arlo support team gives you best result
  • you can get help experts through Arlo support

How do I contact Arlo support number

If you have any kind of Arlo Pro Security Camera-related issues such as motion detection problem 2-way voice problem, login anything if you need help to solve your issues and get the best solution. Then you can contact us through our toll-free number Arlo Pro Security Camera +1-877-918-8997. We provide you with our well-trained Arlo professionals who have the ability to solve your problem. our arlo support team provide 24*7 service for Arlo users, you can ask your queries without hesitation our professionals will give you an instant solution without wasting your time.