Arlo Surveillance Camera

At the time of launching this program, we met with a number of sellers across the country and it became clear that the sellers and their customer is not satisfied with the existing video-based solutions, said by senior director of applications and services for Arlo at NETGEAR. So Arlo provides the basic suite of cloud storage offerings, we will be making our Arlo Surveillance Camera technology available to the seller and the customers they serve.

Arlo Surveillance Camera system is based on machine learning technology that examines videos in real time and delivers amazing insights to customers. A number of exciting features are in the works, which will make it easy for dealers to win and retain customers.

 Arlo Surveillance Camera Features

When the camera is mounted on a wall or tree, So replacing the battery every six months can be a bother you. Arlo introduces a new gadget to solve this issue, Netgear Arlo introduces a solar charger in early 2017 that will allow a camera to work indefinitely. The solar panel needs a minimum three days of direct sun to fully charge the battery, but with six-month battery life, finding a few days of sunshine shouldn’t be a problem.

Another best features of the Arlo Surveillance Camera involves RGB-IR night vision that provides us detailed images across the frame and from foreground to background, even in total darkness. The motion sensor works in the range of 23 feet and covers the same 130-degree angle of the camera lens. In addition to the standard iOS and Android apps, the system also offers integration with SmartThings, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.

The user of the Arlo camera could warn the thief that they are watching, Netgear Arlo also said there are more helpful applications for the technology, such as for Airbnb hosts to communicate with their guests when they arrive.


Surveillance Cameras VS Security Cameras

they both are common Arlo Surveillance Cameras and security cameras. both can help protect your home and let you review footage of situation like attempted break-ins. but the biggest difference comes with monitoring security cameras are continuously monitored in the event of a break-in, fire, accident, or other issues, but the Arlo Surveillance camera can be used for monitor your entryways and windows, and also monitored by your smartphone. Arlo Surveillance Camera exists for both uses like indoor and outdoor. generally, cameras meant to be installed outdoors will have a longer range and better resolution. whenever you want to keep on eye on your home, a video surveillance cameras will help you to do just that.

What are the benefits of video surveillance cameras

the best thing about home video surveillance cameras is you can sets.

  • A 24/7 surveillance capabilities everywhere a camera is installed
  • Its recording feature keeps a log of past events
  • You can see other areas of the house or outside from anywhere
  • You can watch your kids arrive home from school
  • Monitor pets activity
  • You can see who’s outside the door
How does video surveillance security work

in Arlo Surveillance Camera will record the images and displays them on a monitor. The monitor may be a closed circuit television, which can be monitored from home, DVR and send the images to a web-enabled device like a computer, laptop, smartphone, where they can be watched live or a demand. There are many bells and whistles available for a home video surveillance camera, there are some few features of video surveillance.

  • Motion detectors
  • Night vision
  • Recording capability
  • High-resolution photography for clearer viewing
  • Microphones a speakers
  • Weather or vandal proof cameras
  • Remote alerts
  • Expandable for accept additional cameras to the system

Arlo surveillance camera review


  • wireless
  • automatic night vision
  • 1R65 rating waterproof camera for outdoor use
  • 7-day free cloud storage up to 1 GB
  • mobile controlling with Arlo app
  • automatic night vision


  • no continuous recording
  • reporting lag in motion-sensitive recording and alerts
  • low battery problem when temperature down

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