Arlo Video Camera

An Arlo video camera is the best security camera right now and it has various advanced features(100%waterproff, excellent design, long-lasting rechargeable battery, 2-way audio, wide-angle lenses, night vision, motion and audio detection alert, siren, cloud storage  and many more) that help users to protect their home and office without any trouble. But sometimes many customers have various type of trouble in using Arlo camera, If you have any kind of trouble or not know how to resolve, then in this situation you can contact our Arlo camera technicians. Our dedicated or well-trained Arlo technicians are here 24*7 ready to provides assistance.

We tested the two-camera kit, which also comes with a Netgear base station. And Netgear base station directly connected to your router with help of ethernet cable. It performs to task first work as a Wifi extender and a second is private camera network. According to Netgear, the cameras communicate to the base station via a secure wireless connection that only they can use, and can maintain a connection within 300 feet an accurate assessment based on our test.

Arlo Video Camera Features

  • Highly HD video quality
  • for outdoor camera
  • wire-free
  • motion detection
  • cloud storage
  • free app
  • night vision

Arlo Video Camera Review

Advantages Of Using Arlo Video Camera
  • Wireless: Arlo having an advantage is that it’s a wireless system whereas the other video camera is only wired. it’s really nice to be able to place or mount these cameras wherever you want without having to worry about where an outlet is or how to hide the cord. Plus, as previously eluded to, the Arlo Pro cameras are just so much easier to install.
  • Video Storage: With the Arlo video camera, you get seven days of storage for free. I mean, I’m no mathematician but I’d take seven days for free over three hours for free. And also,  Arlo gives you the option to back up the footage locally.
  • Base Station Siren: Netgear Base station siren having the speaker which produced 100+ decibel that can easily be operated by your mobile app or triggered by motion. Hopefully, you wouldn’t ever need to use it but if your house did happen to get broken into there’s no denying that a loud siren going off in the middle of your house would help deter burglars.
Disadvantages Of Arlo Video Camera
  • Limited home automation features
  • Features lacking when compared to other home security systems
  • Large upfront payments
  • You need to change the battery every time
  • No color night vision
  • This camera only secured to mount by magnets making them easy to steal

How can I extend my Arlo Video Camera Battery Life

Arlo camera battery powered are not intended for continuous recording. Your battery last usage about 4 to 6 month with normal usage, which is about five to six minutes for video recording, if you want to extend yourArloo video camera battery life, so follow these simple steps:

  • Go to power management in settings
  • Then select “best battery life” this will decrease your video quality for improved battery life
  • Your Arlo video camera will take four to five minutes of viewing or recording per day but the help of this “best battery life” your Arlo camera battery will be extended.

Why you can dial our toll-free Arlo support number +1-877-918-8997

There is a list of features or services provided by our Arlo customer service team, that can force you to dial our Arlo helpline number.

  • Our dedicated Arlo technicians provide 24*7 assistance
  • Provides support through a toll-free number
  • Listen to every query related to Arlo video camera very carefully or analyze the root causes of the problem and help them with the best possible solution
  • Here customers can ask any kind of Arlo camera related issue without hesitation
  • Resolve every Arlo video camera related trouble within a few minutes
  • Our Arlo technicians Quickly respond to customers call

How to contact Arlo customer support

You can contact our Arlo customer support through our toll-free Arlo support phone number Our independent Arlo technicians are here 24*7 ready to provide assistance. if any arlo user face any kind of problem related  Arlo video camera related, then don’t waste your valuable time in searching solution here and there, directly dial our toll-free Arlo helpline number +1-877-918-8997. Here are our dedicated or trained Arlo technicians listen to customers query very carefully and help them with a best relevant solution.