Arlo Pro 2 Security Camera – High-Level Camera

As you know, nowadays the security level has become the main concern of the people. Often, when they are going to leave their home and office. Many people use the Arlo Pro 2 security camera to protect their home and family. A security camera plays the best role in tracking your home. So don’t wait for tomorrow too, buy the Arlo Pro security camera to keep an eye on your house. It is one of the best brands in America that you can choose for your home and office security. Let’s know about its features.

The Arlo pro2 camera provides you excellent security. Whenever you buy it to secure your family or house than you do not need an expert to install it. This feature talks more about it, so read the smart features in the Arlo Pro2.

Features of Arlo Pro 2 Camera Security System

(1) 24/7 Video Recording

Save your nonstop recording in the cloud. when the camera is fixed in your house. And maybe it gives a piece of important evidence to you. If something is happening around you.

(2) High Quality In 1080 HD

It provides the best vision with 1080p with High Definition. You and watch the video in Crisp HD with each detail and then any security camera. This gives the user a better experience to watch and safety for assurance to you.

(3) Sound and Motion Detection

It sends you an instant notification to you if someone is around your house or trying to sneak in your home. You get notified in your smartphone or an email to check the security with a great advantage to Arlo Pro 2 security camera.

(4) 3-Seconds look back

It has a great advantage that it gives you a 3 seconds look back before something happens. From beginning to end. Which is a great advantage in Arlo Pro 2

(5) Wire-free and flexible

It is a wire-free which is good and you don’t need any mechanic to fix the camera in your home and it’s a hassle-free installation for you.

(6) Active zones

Shows the areas where you want to camera view where you can receive the motion and sound alerts system. Just plugged in and forget the tension of your home. It can also be used indoors to watch over your kids.

(7) Climate Proof

It has an IP65-Certified which gives him a stand to bear all climate conditions to you in Raining, Summer and Winter Climate season. It can stand in any weather situation.

(8) Rechargeable Battery

This gives the user a long-lasting relief to you once it recharges it can go to a month last long. And it cut out your security expenses.

 (9) Audio in 2- way

You can listen and talk to your guests in a 2- way listen and talkback system in your camera with the help of your smartphone and give them permission to come home without going to the door.

(10) Night Mode

Night mode activates automatically in low light so you can see in the dark clearly without stress giving to your eyes with the help of night mode.

(11) Cloud base 7 days recording in Arlo basic

The Arlo Pro 2 Accompanies the Arlo Essential assistance that offers you to keep an account of the previous 7 days of sound and movement-activated record to you. It saves up to 5 camera recording without any problems. to you.

(12) Local Storage

It can connect with the USB based drive with Arlo pro 2 gives base station as optional local backup storage.

(13) Smart Security Siren

The smart security Siren 100+ decibel, sound, and motion-controlled or triggered systems help you to keep an eye on the house.

(15) Cloud Storage

Why focus on a long haul agreement or pay costly month to month membership charges? Arlo can spare you several dollars every year.

The Arlo Basic arrangement gives you access to the movement and sound-activated records from the previous 7 days. Furthermore, the arrangement never terminates! The Arlo Basic arrangement is incorporated with each camera, for up to 5 cameras for every record.

(16) One App. Complete Control

Get moment notices. Promptly realize when movement or sound is recognized at your home or office and watch live. Effectively see past movements. Arlo records movement or sound-activated occasions and stores them in your cloud library. Grow your security framework.

Associate up to five cameras for nothing. Redesign for up to 20 cameras for every record. Customize the experience. Savvy planning sets Arlo’s work routine to accommodate yours with geo-fencing, custom modes.

Arlo Pro camera is a wire-free camera. This is the top list of wireless cameras. Because of wireless, there are no power lines and one of the best multilateral cameras we have experienced. That works inside and outside and gives an unmistakable picture on bright days, under artificial light, and in dull light.

It is a good simple installation processing. And, this is difficult to resist the Arlo Professional camera. It has additionally excessive sensitivity of the movement sensor and you need to purchase a base station that gives you a next-level security system.

Arlo Camera works with other Apps

Arlo works with Apple Homekit, Amazon, Alexa Google Assistant and many more like IFTTT& Stringify. All these systems give you Peace of mind, anytime and anywhere. 1080p HD Quality is great videos and sharer details give you brilliant details than any security camera in day or night. No matter where you are. Arlo Pro 2 gives you a wire-free camera to check and see your kids are coming to safely insight or while they are playing in the pool or know who is coming or not.

Watch your happy family and also your pets any time see if pets are sleeping or playing in the house and not messing around at home. Arlo Pro2 gives you instantly notify from welcome guest to unwanted visitors, always know whos is coming around. To scare the thief you can use the smart siren to scare off the intruder.

Smart Plans of  Security Camera

Arlo Pro security camera comes with two plans Premier Plan and Elite Plan. Let’s see below plans offers.

 Features of Smart Premier Plan:

  • Up to 2K resolution
  • 30-Day Record Video History
  • Single-camera
  • $2.99 / mo. to $9.99 / mo.
  • Up to 5 cameras
  • After 5 cameras and get 50% off with each additional Arlo Pro camera.

 Features of Smart Elite Plan:

  • Up to 4K resolution
  • 30-Day Record Video History
  • $4.99 / mo. to $14.99 / mo.
  • Single-camera
  • Up to 5 cameras
  • After 5 cameras and get 50% off each additional Arlo Pro camera.

We hope the features of the Arlo Pro security camera make you impress to buy it. But don’t forget a phrase – first use then trust. We sure when you will use this security camera for any security purpose, you will notice, your choice is the right choice to secure your family, home, office.

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